Transfer Funds

Send money to whoever, whenever, and however, you like.

Withdraw Funds

Need to use an ATM to withdraw money? Let us bring it directly towards your front door.

Request Funds

Bill clients or friends, and you’ll get paid any way you like.

Pay Your Bills

We can assist you with immediately paying off any account, including electricity and internet bills.

How Cash Works

Download the WeKonact App

Click on the WeKonact Money icon after starting the app.

Provide Pickup Information

Fill out the essential boxes to provide us with the payer’s pickup location and contact information.

Provide Transaction Information

Let us know if you want to send money, receive money, or pay your bill. Also included is information about the recipient.

Confirm and Distribute

Examine your transaction data before ordering a Wekonact Partner. You can give the receiver the transaction details.