1What is Wekonact?
Wekonact is a platform where you can easily avail any type of service right at your doorstep. We are here to offer efficiency, ease & opportunities in both customer and worker’s lives.
2Can I use Wekonact without a smartphone?
Yes, you can! We pride ourselves on making services available for everyone in Pakistan. Just give us a call at +92 311 110 1042 to book your Wekonact partner.
3How can I start a Wekonact Franchise?
Owning a Wekonact franchise offers a unique opportunity of being your own boss and empower your local community. To read details about how to become a Wekonact Franchisee, visit our Wekonact Franchise page.
4How do I unlock by Wekonact Account?

Unlocking your Wekonact Account is easy. Download the Jazz Cash App or go to the nearest Jazz Cash Kiosk to unlock your account.

5How do I create an account?

Download the Wekonact App for your Google Play Store or Apple App Store, verify your phone number, and you are ready to book your first ride.

6What are my payment options?

You can pay for your ride however you like. Whether it be cash or any other form of payment – we accept it all.


1How do I become a Wekonact Partner?

Applying to be a Wekonact partner is simple. Download the Wekonact Partner app or visit the nearest Wekonact Franchise to register. For more details visit the Wekonact Partner Page.

2I want to become a Wekonact Partner but don’t own a bike.

We will connect you with a financial institution that provides easy installment plans or leases. In some areas, a Wekonact partner can earn up to 5 times the monthly installment – making owning a bike easy.

3Are Wekonact Partners insured?
The safety of our customers and partners is the utmost priority. We make sure all your rides are insured in case of an accident. Read more about it here.
4How will the loan be disbursed?
We will disburse the loan into your Wekonact Wallet which you can withdraw into any bank or branchless banking account to advance the cash.
5Why are other Driver-Partners offered a higher or lower Upfront Cash amount?

The Upfront Cash amount offered to each Driver-Partner under the program is determined based on multiple factors including the partner’s past incentive earnings and driving or delivery history.

6My Upfront Cash application was rejected. Can I apply again if my application for the Upfront Cash Program was unsuccessful?

Yes, you may apply again in the future if you qualify for the program.

7I changed my mind. How can I cancel my Upfront Cash application?
Wekonact-Partners who wish to cancel their Upfront Cash Program and return their loan for any reason are encouraged to call the customer service hotline at +92 311 110 1042 or write in via the Help Center, as we have a dedicated team who can help them on a case-by-case basis.
8Can Driver-Partners who were not invited request or appeal to join?

No. At the moment, we are only offering the Upfront Cash Program to a small group of driver-partners and/or delivery partners who were selected for their historical incentive and other earnings and overall driving pattern.

9When and how will the Upfront Cash be transferred to me?

The Upfront Cash amount will be topped up into your Cash Wallet shortly after applying to the program successfully. You can then transfer this amount to your bank or branchless banking account.

10What if I cannot pay back my loan on time?
Wekonact will send you a notice to break your payments up into smaller denominations so that paying these off is easier for you. However, if you fail to pay the loan back, we will ban your membership to the Wekonact platform and engage a recovery team to collect payment from you. If you fail to still pay, a collections team may be sent to your house and to your references to ensure the loan amount is recovered.


1My parcel got damaged during delivery, now what?
Our Wekonact partners are trained and understand the importance of delivering your items with care. However, we ensure all our deliveries for the odd chance that it gets damaged. To find out details about your coverage contact us at +92 311 110 1042
2How can I start a Wekonact Franchise?
Owning a Wekonact franchise offers a unique opportunity of being your own boss and empower your local community. To read details about how to become a Wekonact Franchisee, visit our Wekonact Franchise page.
3Does Wekonact have business solutions?

If you are looking to ship multiple items at once instantly, our Business Panel will be perfect for you. Read more about the advantages and how to get it on our Delivery for Business page.

  • Excellent bike riding app with easy to understand navigations for tracking your rider on the app. Affordable travel cost for two wheelers having friendly riders. Wish all the best of luck!
  • Today I booked my first ride on Wekonact from my office at Jail Road to the railway station, fare estimate was Rs 75 to 90. My other options are Daewoo bus cost Rs 20 but you have to wait for at least 30 minutes to over an hour and second option was rickshaw at Rs 150 to 180. Bottomline, it suited me well, will surely use in the future.
  • Very useful app. Highly satisfied with their services. Quick response to any query and very helpful in case of any complaint.