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We offer tours of different countries and regions according to your choice. We provide complete guidelines related to your selected country.

National & International Tour

We are holding domestic and international tours. WeKonact has the best options for your time. We will also find the best place for you.

Hajj & Umrah Services

We are providing Hajj and Umrah services. Wekonact makes your journey easy, comfortable, and cost-effective. Your comfort is our main priority.

Vocational Tour

We organize vocational tours and also explore the world with Wekonact. These tours enhance your knowledge and increase your joy.

How Travel & Tours Works

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Tap on the WeKonact Travel & Tours icon after opening the app.

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Provide details, as well as your phone number and name. Provide all the details about when and where you want to go!

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Select the country or areas where you are going. However, we are helping with consultancy related to your selected country.


We will share all the conformations and processing that have been completed. We guide users by sending texts.