Add your Products

Then, add your items and select a delivery method.

Insert Location

To discover the nearby rider, select your location.r.

Verify Delivery

By using the app, confirm delivery and enter all relevant information.

Payment on Delivery

The order was delivered to my door, and I paid cash.

How Delivery Works

Download the WeKonact App

Tap on the WeKonact Delivery symbol after opening the app.

Choose a Delivery Strategy

You can use Cash on Delivery to get anything delivered from point A to point B or to get paid for your package.

Give Delivery Information

Your WeKonact partner will need the pickup and delivery location, the recipient’s contact details, and the item’s worth.

Track and Confirm

Once confirmed, the package will be picked up by the closest Wekonact partner. The app will allow you to follow your Wekonact partner.