Blood Bank

Our team’s responsibility is to safely store your blood donations and send them to needy people. Your health is our priority. Join hands with Wekonact to save lives and promote humanity.

Save Children Health

If you donate blood to children, then that is the most significant gift for them. Donate your blood through us to bring happiness to their lives.

Our Team

Our certified medical staff is active 24/7 and provides blood after tests and examinations of blood donors and receivers.

Save Life

Millions of people depend on blood donations for their survival. Your small effort can protect hundreds of them. Wekonact is always here to save your lives.

How Blood Bank Works

Download the WeKonact App

Tap on the WeKonact Blood Bank icon after opening the app.

Choose Option

Select the required option. Select a blood donor, or if you want to donate blood, provide your specific details.

Provide Location

You have to provide the location as well as the phone number. Our team receives the blood and sends it to the needy person.


We will share all the conformations and processing that have been completed. We guide users by sending texts.