Certified Team

We are providing a certified and expert team for your care. Your health and satisfaction are our priority.

Fitness Trainer Expert

Our fitness trainers and experts suggest a complete diet plan for your health. Now you can secure your time and health.

Doctor Appointment

Through WeKonact Health care, you can now get appointments and consultations with the best specialist doctors in your town.

Medicine at Your Doorstep

Our team delivers medicine to your doorstep. We provide guaranteed and quality medicines.

How Health Care  Works

Download the WeKonact App

Tap on the WeKonact Healthcare icon after opening the app.

Select Method

You can select the required method, like when you need a doctor’s appointment and consultancy, a fitness trainer, and medicine at your doorstep, choose the required option to get services.

Set Consultancy 

Select the consultation and make an appointment with the nearest specialist doctor and fitness trainer. Also, set the date and time.

Provide Details

Provide all details according to your health issues.


When you’ve finally filled out all the relevant info, you will get a confirmation text and proceed to the clinic.