Insert Location

To discover the nearby rider, select your location.

Follow your Rider

Find the rider’s whereabouts by tracking them.

Negotiate the Fare

When you find a WeKonact rider in your nearby area, choose your Fare.

Pay the Fare

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, pay your decided Fare.

How Ride Works

Download the WeKonact App

Tap the WeKonact ride icon after opening the app.

Give Pickup Information

View the estimated fare after adding your pick-up and drop-off locations in the app.

Take a Ride to your Destination

Meet your WeKonact companion, who is GPS tracked at all times and has passed security checks. Enjoy a secure and fully insured journey.

Rate and Payment

Cash or funds stored in your WeKonact wallet may be used to make payments. Don’t forget to give your ride a rating so that we can learn from your experience.