What is Wekonact?

Wekonact correctly explains what actually the home services are through its most appropriate solutions for every problem at your home. Particularly when it comes to the moving companies, Wekonact is here to bridge the constantly widening gap. That has been put between the offices, individuals, and the experts as well as concerning Wekonact. Who can excellently address any specific issue! Wekonact is committed to eradicating the unemployment not just from the skilled labor but also from the unskilled labor of Sahiwal. And its untiring efforts for this purpose are purely unquestionable. Our company is simply delivering the proper solutions to every citizen without taking a step out of their homes. We are just a single click or tap away from everyone whether they are at home, or office to get their job done anywhere.

What We Do?

Problem Solving Resolution

Wekonact is an exceptionally astute resolution having a great ability to address the frequent challenges. It is done by linking up countless skillful professionals that are called “Wekonact” at Wekonact . As long as you are a highly skilled professional or even if you don’t have any skills. But you can be useful as a laborer, we turn you into a viable source of income. Just get registered with us as a Wekonact and catch out of so many job opportunities around you.

Wekonact Connections

Wekonact is a place where Wekonact works as full-time and in-house workers and also as freelancers. So, the greatly skillful and truly capable Wekonact such as technicians, mechanics, drivers, riders, tutors, chefs and many more. And customers who are looking for providers of these services come together here.


Customers merely read the reviews on our app and opt the most relevant and qualified Wekonact for their problems. And get it done immediately!

Online Platform

Wekonact is an online platform with an application that works for both android and IOS based smartphones. Customers can effortlessly search here for the Wekonact that suits them best. Handling workload and working hours, everyday household issues and family time make you pretty busy. And only Wekonact realizes how big challenge it becomes for you at times. For this reason, Wekonact comes up with doorstep services at your place correctly explaining what is a service.

Start Work

All these skilled professionals called “Wekonact” are surely on the most dependable and trustworthy forum. Where the customers get their tasks done usually within no time without the fear of being cheated.

Safe & Reliable

Be it a broken car problem or an urgent food craving or a math tutor for your child. You just name it and Wekonact has a solution to it.

Home Services

Wekonact Team Provides Following Services

AC Services

Electrician Services

App Developer Services

Get A Ride Services

Bike Mechanic Services

Boiler & Heater Services

Laundry Services

Car Mechanic Services

Car Rental Services

Car Towing Services

Carpentry Services

Aluminium Glass Services

Key Services

Food Services

Barber Services

Gym Trainee Services

Food Delivery Services

Graphic Designing Services

Fire Alarm Services

Masonry services

Solar Panel Installation Services

Digital Marketing Services

Tailoring Services

Generator services

Roof Services

Curtain Fixing Services

Home Appliances

Home / Office Cleaning services

Plumber Services

Cook Services

Home Decor Services

Event Planner services

Car Repair & Maintenance Services

Car Towning Services

Car AC Gas Services

Car Key Programming

Car Emergency Roadside Assistance

Car Advance Mechanic

CCTV Services

Educational Institute Electrician Services

Mobile Repair Services

Watch Repairing Services

Refrigerator Repair

Deep Freezer

Water Dispenser Repair

Washing Machine Repair

Microwave Oven Repair

Office Electrician

Laptop Repair Services

Car Battery Charging

Bike Repair &
Maintenance Services


UPS Services

Painting services

Geyser Service

Water Pump Installation

Gardening Services

House Electrician Services