Family law is a branch of the law that deals with numerous legal issues such as marriage, divorce, Khula, child custody, child support, time limits for child reunification, etc. One of Pakistan’s top family law firms, ILP Legal Consultant, has successfully resolved the following conflicts.

Dissolution Of Marriage Based on Khula

A wife may apply to the appropriate court for the dissolution of her marriage under a Khula if she no longer wants to live with her husband. If the husband does not dissolve the marriage, the wife may do so in accordance with Islamic law. Legal matters involving your family Khula are handled quickly and effectively by the ILP Legal Consultant.

Maintenance for Wife and Children

The spouse has a legal obligation to monitor and control his wife’s spending. From the moment of marriage until the moment of divorce, the woman is entitled to alimony under the control of the husband. In the event that the husband neglects to appear in court for his wife, he is forced to file a maintenance bond with the family court, which will determine the amount starting on the day of his default and determining the final decision. Parents must firmly and legally remain with their children, according to Pakistani family law. Till the boy becomes 18 and the girl gets married, the father must accompany the youngster. A support case against the father will be started by the family court judge if the child’s support is not paid. The family court will issue a final ruling mandating the father’s monthly presence with the kids after calculating the amount of support to be paid going forward.

Custody of Children

Separate legal actions must be started in court for each parent requesting custody of their children in Pakistan, regardless of any domestic disputes between husband and wife. The best interests of the kid must be established by the parents requesting custody. After a couple divorces or separates, the custody of the children is a constant source of contention between the parents. The judge will take into account both parents’ financial standing, public perception, and character while determining custody.

Legal Proof of Guardianship

The law requires parents to file for a certificate of custody in specific situations, regardless of whether the parents receive custody of their children through mutual agreement or at the request of the court in family disputes between spouses. The guardianship court must issue a custody certificate if, for example, one parent wishes to take the child out of the country or if one parent has to handle the child’s finances. Family law experts at ILP Legal Consultants can move rapidly to secure a custody certificate from the guardianship court. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Recovery of Dowry Assets

The parents of a Pakistani bride traditionally present her with a dowry when their daughter gets married. This gift is the woman’s property and cannot be taken away by the husband or his relatives under any circumstances, including divorce or suspicions between the spouses. The dowry was quickly collected by a team of skilled lawyers from ILP legal consultants.

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