Divorce Process

Talaq or Khula are two legal ways to end a marriage. Legal procedures must be properly followed whether the marriage has been ended through talaq, khula, or judicial divorce. The top professional lawyers are available on Wekoanct.com, and they are masters at finalizing divorces and registering them. In accordance with Muslim Personal Law and Section 7 of the Muslim Family Law Ordinance, the husband declares talaq (orally or through a Deed of Divorce) and sends a written notice to the Union Council by registered mail, including the address of his ex-wife. Following that, the union council in question sends a copy of the notice to the wife via registered mail and forms the arbitration council within 30 days of receiving the notice. The union council will provide the husband and wife with a certificate stating that the talaq is valid once the iddat period, which is 90 days beginning on the day the union council receives the talaq notice, has passed. The process for obtaining a divorce certificate in Pakistan is known to Wekoanct.com. If you wish to obtain a divorce certificate through Nadra in Pakistan, a lawyer must submit your application. Every time, a divorce certificate from the union council is available through our law associate. We are familiar with the entire divorce registration process in Pakistan. In comparison to other legal professionals, we are the best and most knowledgeable about obtaining a Nadra divorce certificate from Pakistan.

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